Floral Inspiration – Winter white

Beautiful white Peony and Rose wedding bouquet with delicate Lily of the Valley. So romantic.

So it appears the last few months have passed me by and it is now Winter!! How did that happen??! The up-coming months will bring the usual wonderful festive celebrations but also a flurry of wedding activity as betrothed couples take advantage of the extended holiday period. A beautiful accompaniment for Winter nuptials in sub-zero temperatures is candle light and classic, crisp white flowers.

Bouquet of full white peonies contrasted against a bed of green. Glorious.
Glamorous Lily and Rose bouquet.
White Hydrangea and Anemone with beautiful brooch finish.
Couldn’t have a white inspiration board without mentioning the classic Babies Breath. So romantic and cost effective, just make sure you have plenty of perfume on hand to mask the smell!!

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