Thank Frilly it’s Friday! Pic round-up #2

Thank Frilly it’s Friday! Pic round-up #2

If like me after a busy week you were woken up in the wee hours of this morning by a Husband returning home after he managed to fall asleep on the last available train home, miss his stop and end up in a far away city, then you will be VERY glad it’s Friday šŸ˜‰

What does the weekend have in store for you?

Got to see our wedding pics this week and LOVED every one. Thank you so much to the incredibly talented duo that make up
Managed to swing by the fantastic Tim Walker exhibition at Somerset House recently and met these guys.
…and received my copy of Tim Walker’s Story Teller through the post. Literally a feast for the eyes!
Feeling the ‘Mo’ love. Spotted these little beauties in Zara.
Tash straws – quite possibly the best present ever from my wonderful sister. The Horseshoe is my current favourite.
Can a girl ever have too much Moustache paraphernalia? Okay okay, I’ll stop now.
Oh just one more then I’ll stop, I promise.
Can’t wait to see this little furry ball of madness this weekend.
Although this may look like an innocent cup of freshly brewed Earl Grey with lemon accompaniment, I can in fact confirm that this is pure cocktail!!! Yes, that’s right, actual cocktails served in actual tea pots and tea cups. My dream has come true!!
Most elaborately served cocktail ever? or Sheer cocktail brilliance?!
Ah, wonderful Winter walks. Looking forward to lots this weekend.

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