Floral Inspiration – Archways in the elements

In the months after becoming betrothed to my wonderful (now) husband, when we had set the date and location and were flinging ourselves whole heartedly into the planning stages, a vision developed in my mind. Us, glowing from successfully exchanging vows and basking in the glory of being mr and mrs, posing for romantic yet un-staged photos in front of a beautiful, well established archway. Problem was, we didn’t have anything of the sort at my parent’s house where we were holding the reception. So my Mother incredibly gamely set about buying a £7 metal arch frame from Morrisons garden section and planting whatever’s we thought would grow quick enough to cover the thing and create the ‘vision’ in the few short months we had before the wedding. Sadly, despite a last-minute growth spurt from some game sweet peas, the archway suffered with the effects of a terrible British Summer and constant rabbit attacks.

Not ones to be easily deterred, in the days leading up to the wedding my wonderful bridesmaid stripped her mother’s garden of every single piece of greenery so that we could have one last crack at creating the masterpiece. It took a crack team of Mother, Aunt, Bridesmaids, Mother-in-law and lots of chicken wire to put it together but by the time we had finished it was perfect and acted to focus the eye towards the marquee as guests arrived through the front gates.

Here are some of the pics that I hold solely responsible for setting my mind a wiring and giving so many of my loved ones a head ache in the lead up to the wedding but they are oh so gorgeous. Hope you enjoy.

I’ll be adding some pics of our archway process and triumph tomorrow so check back if you fancy seeing them.











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