Arch endeavours

As promised in yesterdays post Floral Inspiration – Archways in the elements here are a few pics of our archway trials and tribulations. What do you think of the final result?

The arch pictured in the week of the wedding. You can just about see the arch in front of the marquee man’s van. As you can see it’s pretty different to the arches pictured in yesterdays post.
Hmmm, not looking much better the next day despite my encouraging pep talks to the plants that managed to survive the rabbit attacks. Time to call in the crack team of quasi-experts.
Cue wonder-Mother complete with reams of chicken wire, secateurs and lashings of foliage on the day before the wedding…
…as well as a not so helpful Father. Luckily wonder-Aunt was also on hand to whip this archway into shape.
Lots of weaving later and it’s starting to take shape.
Tah dah!! Mother-in-law and Mother showing off their efforts.
The arch in all it’s glory on the morning of the wedding. Photo property of Beaulieu Photography.

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