Today I’m loving {Style}

…Pom pom mania!

Eudon Choi has made my actual literal dreams come true by adorning his AW13 pumps with not only ankle straps (yes I have ridiculously narrow heals that run out of any unsecured footwear leading to embarrassing trips/falls/leaving-shoes-behind-whilst-walking-quickly scenarios) but proper fluffy ridiculous pom poms. Which is quite possibly the best thing since sliced bread. Feast your eyes on these beauties…

eudon-choi-autumn-winter-13-002_CCLike little bunny rabbits skipping down the catwalk.

eudon-choi-autumn-winter-13-007_CC eudon-choi-autumn-winter-13-008_CC eudon-choi-autumn-winter-13-019_CCHop hop hop!


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