Thank Frilly it’s Friday! #4

So, this is the week that someone created this…..

Cake wedding dress 2

Yep, that’s a lifesize bride cake. Impressive but oh so creepy at the same time. Cake wedding dress

Working in the creative industry has it’s benefits. One of my lovely colleagues has taken it upon herself to create Franny inspired works of art that are delivered to my desk regularly. Don’t panic if you miss any though, I’ll be releasing a volume each year. This one couldn’t be MORE accurate!

Amazing colleague 1

Amazing colleague 2
I promise I have no idea where she got the inspiration for this one!!

Sooooooooo my nails are ready for Spring, just need some blooming sun!!!

H&M cornflower blue nailvarnish
My new uber favourite nailvarnish provider is H&M! I know, I’m as shocked as you are. Being a massive fan of Chanel and Essie I have always been reluctant to try non-cosmetic brands as my previous experience has been pretty dyer but I just couldn’t resist this fab colour. To my surprise it applied really well, only needed two coats, lasted AGES and cost under £3. H&M nail polish has it’s new biggest fan.

Every now and then there are evenings when the universe just aligns, when you realise that somehow it is Saturday night and you have no plans (how did that happen?!) and at that very moment amazing friends in another part of the country are having a big ol’ impromptu evening out and it just so happens they need a fix of this here filly. Cue a mad dash up the M1 and whole lot of fun.

Here’s to blooming AMAZING friends. Have a chuffing great weekend everyone.

French martini
Mmmmm french martini.



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