The suspense is killing me!

As soon as I saw Tyler Shield’s Suspense is coming! teaser vid I was pretty darn excited. I’m a huge fan of photography that leaves you with that “What the devil has happened/is going to happen” taste in your mouth. The kind of photography that is so stunning but equally worrying that you can’t quite stop thinking about the subject and their situation. So it’s not entirely surprising that the king of enigmatic photography Gregory Crewdson is one of my all time fave photographers.

Tyler Shield’s Suspense series gives me that exact same buzz. Those questions of “how did she get there?”, “is he going to catch her?” are balanced out with thoughts of “boy she looks so elegant”, “ooh she’s all floaty-like”, “the lighting is so ethereal”. Anyways, enough of my waffling, all I really want to say is I like it! I like it a lot!

p.s. Emma Roberts looks amazing.

p.p.s How cute are Emma Roberts and Evan Peters?


emma-roberts-evan-peters emma-roberts-fall emma-roberts-pin-up francesca-eastwood-emma-roberts



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