Photographic perfection – Marion Cotillard for Dior

I don’t know if anyone has noticed but Dior seem really keen on letting everyone know that they have been around for a jolly long time and that by-the-way have produced some game-changing collections since their official launch in 1947. This, by my book, is a pretty darn good thing.

First we get Dior at Harrods (open until 15th April), which I literally cannot wait to see, and then we are treated to this feast for the eyes. And boy-o-boy, photographer Jean-Baptiste Mondino has REALLY treated us this time. The exquisitely elegant Marion Cotillard stars in the series of images that Dior aims will portray The Lady as both mysterious and fatale. The beauty of this campaign is that they are not just a series of delicate and charismatic images, they manage to delve into the heart of Dior, allowing us a glimpse of exactly where this wonderful brand began.

Every element of Dior’s new The Lady campaign harks back to the simple elegance of Dior in all of it’s 40s glory to remind customers what they’re buying into and by gum it works! I want some! Scratch that, I need some in my life!
Now to sell the car or house first? Hmmm I could live in my car right?

Marion Cotillard Dior 4 Marion Cotillard Dior 3 Marion Cotillard Dior 2 Marion Cotillard Dior 1


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