How the blooming flip did I do that?

Yesterday I returned from the most amazing mini cruise to Bruges for my wonderful gorgeous amazing friend’s hen party. Much ridiculous hilarity was had (which I will be covering in a later post) however upon my return home I was not only in possession of a broken body (cue nap from 5-9pm) but I noticed that I had also managed to somehow snap my beautiful antique Art Deco engagement ring (sob). See pic below…





Due to various logistics this means my finger will be bling-less for at least a few weeks which of course just won’t do! So the search begins for something to temporarily take the place of my ring but then become a treasured part of my jewellery collection once my ring is fixed. Ideally this needs to be made of platinum or white gold, feature some kind of precious/semi precious stone and be uber beautiful oh and all for a bargainous price. Currently computer says no to this criteria! How rude!

Having midget fingers of size G1/2 really isn’t helping the search as most antique rings are mahussive. So my question to the big wide blogger world is…!

Does anyone have any recommendations? Good places to look? Antique/vintage jewellery havens in the UK?

Oh by the way, my nail varnish is Chanel’s Fracas.


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