Thanks Frilly it’s Friday!!! #6

I don’t know about you but today feels like we have skipped the lovely crackly leaf, warm sunshine stages of Autumn and gone straight to being on the cusp of winter brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! On the plus side, that does mean that we’re just a sneeze and tickly cough away from…

Halloween!!!! Witch (see what I did there??!) means…'s Hocus Pocus time!!!!!!
…it’s Hocus Pocus time!!!!!!

…and beauties like this will be popping up all over streets near you…

That girl has a lot to answer for.
That girl has a lot to answer for.

…and little monsters like this will be scaring the bejesus out of you…

Mini scissor hands costume

If you’re super cool then you’ll be having hardcore halloween parties where every single item present is halloween themed.

Halloween party 2
Why yes, those are ghost shaped candles and the halloween shaped sweets are residing in a Casper the friendly ghost bowl. That’s just how I roll peeps.


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