Today I’m loving {Style}

…tiny necklaces! I’m usually a girl of extremes where jewellery is concerned. My general rule of thumb is no outfit is complete without a stonking great statement necklace/earrings/bracelet stack but you know what? I think I’m changing. My mat-leave wardrobe demands a slightly more versatile accessory that I can wear all the time, I mean put on and stay on…like, forever. I just so happened to stumble across this little box ticking beauty on Etsy whilst pinning madly on Pinterest between feeds one evening. The boxes being: inexpensive -$51.99 incl postage from US, simple, perfect length for a bit of necklace layering and teeny tiny. It also tickled my “I’m a new mother and want everyone to know” button so purchase I jolly well did. It arrived about a week and a half later and has been providing lovely neck adornment ever since. You can get your tiny letter necklace here or have a look at the rest of the lovely goodies on offer from Olive Yew Jewels here.





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