Thank Frilly it’s Friday #7

A week that gave us this…

Kim Sears parental advisory top
Kim Sears, I salute you. You perfectly glossy-locked hilarious lady. Photograph: Made Nagi/EPA

Hendrick's Gin soap dispenser
Washing hands in my household just got a whole lot more fun! I’ll post a ‘how to’ for this next week.

Jimmy Fallon plucked away at that nostalgia heart string with this…

How have none of the cast members changed? Ah Zack and Kelly you dream boats ❤️

Versatile marinade
Think this might be the best marinade find ever. So unbelievably versatile and delicious! Will post the full recipe in the next few days.

Delicious versatile marinade

…and finally…

My pride and joy discovered this…

Next week sure has a lot to live up to!


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