Today I’m loving {Beauty} {Style}

Yesterday I found two items that have eluded me for a very long time. The first was my perfect pair of cats-eyes sunglasses. I have a super tiny pea head so buying sunglasses is always a disappointment as they always swamp me. I happened upon this pair in H&M and couldn’t believe my luck, they actually fit and have just the right amount of cats-eye. Not too much! They’re also Category 3 which is an absolute must for me when buying sunnies. Annoyingly they have now sold out online but these cats-eye sunglasses are also a bargain at £6.99 and look amazing.

The second was my ultimate everyday summer lip colour. I’ve been on a very long and fruitless journey across many brands but as I was passing and have love my other MAC colours I thought I would continue my quest. I described my ultimate everyday summer colour of ‘not too bright but just enough coverage to lift me from my perpetual-state-of-exhaustion look’ to a lovely MAC girl and she knew instantly that Cremesheen Coral Bliss would be perfect. She was so right! The colour is a light pinky coral with a slight glossy sheen and feels lovely and light on my lips without feeling sticky. Perfect.


1. H&M Cats-eye sunglasses £6.99

2. MAC Cremesheen Coral Bliss £15.50


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