London by boat

London Tower Bridge

Oliver’s parents very kindly asked us to crew on an Easter flotilla along the River Thames and into the centre of London. The ten boat trip was meticulously organised by Mr and Mrs T-senior’s fantastic fellow birth holders at Windsor Marina.

Our answer, “hell yes!”. Only catch was leaving the mooring at 4am. “Come again?!”.

As this was rare Poppy-free time we decided to take full advantage and meet up with my lovely younger sister and a great friend for drinks and food in the centre of London. We’d stay for one then head on to Teddington Dock to get a good nights sleep in preparation for our horribly early start. That was the plan anyway. After just a few drinkies we stumbled on to the boat at 1.30am…and at 3am got our morning wakeup. Who’s idea was it to have “just one more”?

It may not look like it but it was f-f-f-f-f-f-freezing and forecast was rain, and lots of it! Hence the trousers+lined ski trousers+3x base layers+cashmere jumper+long down coat+wooly hat.

What also isn’t visible is the unbelievable tranquility of London. No rushing or buzz. A rare treat to enjoy London in such a way.


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