Today I’m loving {Beauty}

A month or two ago I saw a photo of myself and shuddered. “When did I get so old?” my internal voice wailed. I wondered if there was any coming back from the deep lines around my eyes and dull complexion. Yuk.

Whilst my inner monologue blamed Poppy for turning me into a perpetually exhausted mother I also knew it was pretty much my own doing. The closest I have ever got to a skin care routine is a face wipe (I can hear the tut tuts of beauty aficionados from here). I am the worst combination of totally and utterly lazy as well as completely clueless when it comes to anything beauty. But it’s never too late to change right? So I got myself down to Keihl’s where I knew that the sales staff would be kind and patient and could tell me exactly what I needed. The poor chap listened intently to my requirements, gently quizzed me about my skin then offered up the Skin Rescuer Stress-Minimizing Daily Hydrator and Line-Reducing Eye-Brightening Concentrate as solutions. He also recommended the Midnight Recovery Concentrate which embarrassingly I already had, unused, in my drawer at home.

How I use the products


  • Cleanse (face wipe! I know I know but they’re just so easy!)
  • Dab Eye-Brightening Concentrate lightly all around eyes
  • Warm 2 or 3x drops of Midnight Recovery Concentrate between hands and pat onto face
  • Apply Skin Rescuer moisturiser


  • Cleanse in shower
  • Dab Eye-Brightening Concentrate around eyes
  • Apply Skin Rescuer moisturiser

Kiehls product review

1. Skin Rescuer Stress-Minimizing Daily Hydrator

2. Midnight Recovery Concentrate

3. Line-Reducing Eye-Brightening Concentrate

4. Pearl drop earrings from TK Maxx (I had no idea they had jewellery!). These are solid silver with rose gold plate and were £24.99 but you can get similar (but way more expensive) at Argent of London or a lot cheaper on

The results

Since my visit I have been following the chap’s instructions intently and can honestly say that my skin has seen a marked improvement. My skin is much softer with less redness and, dare I say, actually glows! We live in a hard water area and consequently I used to suffer with itchiness and tightness on my face after showering which has completely gone. I was worried that the combination of moisturiser and serum would make my break-out prone skin erupt but that hasn’t been the case at all, in fact the opposite.

The lines and dark circles under my eyes are hugely reduced and I think there is a small difference in my crows feet. I’d say the whole eye area looks brighter.

One thing I would say is if you are taking your darling child swimming, or indeed swimming at all, either remove the eye cream or put it on after wards as it stings like a b***h if you get it in your eyes. I have learnt the hard way after a particularly splashy swimming lesson with Poppy.

I warn you in advance that I am horribly inept at having my photo taken, resulting in a weird newsreader pose. If you can deal with this then below is a post-use photo. You have been warned!


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  1. Hi Franny! I just stumbled upon your blog. I love Kiehl’s products and really enjoyed reading your review. I have the Midnight Recovery Concentrate as well but it doesn’t seem to give me much of an effect! How long did you use it religiously until you saw results? xx Boki

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    1. Hi Boki, thanks so much for stopping by 🙂 I started to see results prettying straight away but my skin really was in a bad way so it was so thankful to have anything! Do you use it with moisturiser too? My skin really needed the addition of the moisturiser day and night xx


  2. Franny – don’t be so hard on yourself! Your skin is indeed glowing!! I think you look great.

    The Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate is a godsend. I love it. I recently started taking much better care of my skin too as I couldn’t believe how bad my dark circles had gotten. I feel (other than the Shiseido eye cream I got that works remarkably well) that the single best thing I did too greatly improve the overall quality of my skin was to drink wayyyy more water. It has really, really helped. I downloaded the Waterlogged app to my iPhone and track my water intake that way. I’m now up to 2 litres a day!

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