Health kick – Week 1 – Attempting to sweat in style

I am not at all into working out. The call of the sofa and a glass of wine/cake are always far too strong for my feeble will power to resist. So for the last, well actually forever, I have done diddly squat to get fit.

Unfortunately carrying a human being in your body (as well as getting older, sigh) really kind of changes stuff. Bits wobble and sag (yuk) and have a really crappy way of making you feel crappy when you look in the mirror/put on clothes/take off clothes/try on clothes/generally walk around. Seriously nature, as if we don’t have to go through enough!

Now before you say anything, this isn’t about weight. It’s about feeling crazily unhealthy and taking responsibility for my wellbeing. I’ve got into the bad habits of eating rubbish food because I can’t face cooking or don’t have time, drinking only caffeinated drinks, picking at the baby’s leftovers because I put so much bloody effort into making the delicious meal that she takes one look at and throws on the floor (I have managed to hold myself back from eating stuff off the floor (most of the time) (Five second rule right?!)). All in all it has left me feeling and looking rubbish and exhausted all the time.

Time to change

I’m setting myself a challenge for the next 4 weeks with the aim of feeling more energised and toned by then end.

Fitness – Run with buggy 2-3 times a week.

A friend managed to squeeze a tiny bit of enthusiasm out of me for a buggy run (is this the right terminology) and I actually loved it! Gyms fill me with a sense of utter dread so maybe this could really be my sport!

Diet – More veg, fruit and fish and way less relying on carbs to fill up or sugar to energise. I’ve just purchased the Madeleine Shaw ‘Get the Glow’ book which seems to be a realistic way of introducing healthy eating. We shall see if it’s any good!

Hydration – Limit myself to one cup of tea and one coffee a day. I’ll be trying to get my water intake up to 2litres.

If I’m going to do this then I actually have to feel ok about leaving the house in exercise gear. My current stuff is about 10 years old and the elastic is failing which you can imagine really emphasises those say bits I love!

Being new to anything like this I have done a fair bit of research and was staggered by how expensive running gear is, £80 for a pair of running tights Nike? Really? No thank you. Then I saw an ad for Fabletics with Kate Hudson and kind of thought that it had to be ok if Kate Hudson was lending her name to it. The styles are anything from very plain to bright colours and patterns, fabrics seemed to be good and the reviews from customers were really encouraging. Before I knew it I’d signed up for VIP membership which allows you to buy the clothes at big discounts, they then choose outfits for you each month at a rolling fee of £44 which is redeemed against clothing unless, like me, you take advantage of the discounts then cancel straight away. Don’t forget to cancel!

I chose the Solar crop capris in Seashell Bloom – £64.95 but £30.48 with discount.


The Forward tee II in white – £26 but £9.90 with discount.


The Aventura tank in Cucumber – £26 but £9.90 with discount.


And the Kemi Bra in Cucumber and white – £26 but £13.71 with discount.


So far I’ve tried them on and they are all super comfortable and fit is fantastic. I’ll report back on the performance after my high octane buggy runs 😉

Right then, this is me at the start of the challenge…

I can only apologise for the awful no makeup, unbrushed-hair selfies. It was as awkward for me to take them as it is for you to look at them.

IMG_4298 IMG_4299 IMG_4301 IMG_4304 IMG_4310

Best of Worst

Brilliant blog posts on

Fitness Friday


  1. You already look wonderful but I know exactly what you’re saying and hopefully these changes will make a huge and positive difference to how you feel. If you fancy it, you can link up with #BloggingToJogging on Budding Smiles too for even more support!xx #FitnessFriday

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  2. Sounds like you have a great plan to feel healthier (echoing the others you look fab!) I love running but have done very little with the buggy. It’s such great exercise hope you find you enjoy it too. Good luck with it all. Look forwards to reading more soon. #fitnessfriday

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So far I’m finding a lot easier than I thought! If anything I’m finding it easier than running without as I think it helps me to keep a consistent speed. It’s also nice to have something to do with my hands! Thanks so much for stopping by xx

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  3. You look pretty amazing anyway hun! Hopefully though the diet will help you feel better which is just as important 🙂 Wishing you lots of luck. I would find it hard as I have 3-4 cups of tea a day!! Good luck and looking forward to seeing your progress. Thanks for linking up to #bestandworst lovely and see you again xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words and support Sarah. Surprisingly I’m not struggling with tea as much as I thought! Whenever I have that “ooh I could murder a cuppa” feeling I just glug some water and it seems to keep me going. Not sure that will work after a night of a teething child though 😆 xx


  4. Well done on buying the gear – but that’s the easy – and fun – bit! I have start doing the 30 20 10 running regime (google it!) which I find pretty doable for someone who gets out of breath running up stairs! Re tea and coffee, I don’t drink coffee because I don’t like it, but I don’t really think you need to limit yourself to one cup of tea – you are BRITISH after all! Surely 2 or 3 is ok?? Re diet – we had fresh mackerel fillets pan-fried with garlic and chilli the other day and they were yum-mee xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The new gear definitely helps 😉
      I’ve been quite strict with the caffeine quota as I knew I’d end up having loads of tea whilst avoiding the gallons of water I should be drinking. Here’s hoping anyway!
      The mackerel sounds amazing, must try it! xx


    1. The worst part always is the getting up and dressed – once you’ve done that half the battle is done😉 That’s always where I struggle too. I love sleeping in or coming home from work and relaxing! Sending you positive and motivating vibes✌✌

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