Floral delights – Prestige Flowers Haute Florist

Floral delights – Prestige Flowers Haute Florist

If you follow my Instagram feed then you’ll know that I have a bit of a thing (obsession?) for roses. My garden is slowly filling with the things much to my husbands dismay and his cries of “Seriously? Another one?” to which I reply “But they’re just sooooo beautiful” and “Smell it, smell it!”

I honestly don’t know how nature can make something so exquisite!

If I had enough money I would have fresh flowers in every room of the house and have someone deliver fresh blooms every week (“keep dreaming” I hear my husband heckle).

You can imagine my squeals of delight at receiving these beauties from Prestige Flowers, full of delicious Memory lane and deep water roses as well as huge pink lilies and accented with the tiniest spray roses of powder pink.


I’ve used Interflora before and am pretty familiar with the standard service and sachet of flower food that you get sent but Prestige provided a detailed care guide with instructions of how to keep each specific flower type going for longer. Consequently I’m looking at a bouquet that is a week old that looks completely fresh!

They even arrived with their own pretty vase which made life super simple.

Now, if you’ve looked at their website you’ve probably had the same thoughts that I had, the pics on the site really don’t do this bouquet justice (I know mine aren’t much better!). They seriously need retaking because this bouquet is just a stunner.



So much pretty! Prestige_Flowers_Paris_6 Prestige_Flowers_Paris_7

This is actually my heaven. Prestige_Flowers_Paris_4 Prestige_Flowers_Paris_3

These have made a very tired Mummy very very happy 🙂

*These were a gift from Prestige Flowers. All words, pictures and opinions are my own.


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