Today I’m loving {Beauty}

Last month I shared my thoughts on the Keihl’s products that even after zero sleep make me feel ok to actually leave the house. I still totally stand by that review but they are so flipping expensive and using day and night I am racing through them so thought I’d try out something a little less exxy for daytime.

A friend recommended the Aldi Lacura anti-wrinkle Q10 range to me after hearing that the quantity of the active ingredients, Peptide Complex and co-enzyme Q10, is the same as some super expensive and effective creams and lets face it, at £1.99 (I repeat, £1.99!!!!!!!!) if it’s disastrous then it’s not the end of the world. I decided to try out the Lacura Renew Q10 Day Cream which as well as the anti wrinkle stuff, includes SPF 20. Bonus!

What it’s like

Quite a thick but silky/creamy texture with a light fresh slightly nivea-ish fragrance. It glides on and spreads really easily to a lovely smooth finish that absorbs super fast.

The results

Leaves skin feeling beautifully soft with a glowy finish. Even though the instructions say to re-apply several times through the day I really don’t think you need to as my skin felt moisturised all day. Only negative I have found so far is that later on in the day my skin sometimes looks ever so slightly more oily rather than glowy but I think I can live with that for £1.99 a pot. With regards to the anti wrinkle element, I actually do think it has made a small improvement in the short time I have been using it.

Now for some pics! I again apologise for the no-makeup and unbrushed hair, I am the definition of lazy and so very rarely wear makeup in the daytime and brush my hair about once a week (there have been times when I swear my hair has tried to start dreadlocks!). I really do pity my poor husband.


  1. Lacura Renew Q10 Day Cream


  1. Lacura Renew Q10 Day Cream


1. Lacura Renew Q10 Day Cream




My little ‘P’ bracelet is from Anna Lou of London (I’m slightly obsessed with personalised jewellery since the arrival of the babe).



  1. I use the Lacura Q10 serum I think it is under my normal moisturiser, It’s fab and dirt cheap. As with your cream I find by later in the day my skin can be ever so slightly oily but I have found that this really only happens if I use too much. A little really does go a longish way.

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  2. Interesting. I have heard of this and seen it in the shop, but never tried it. I had a facial today and was discussing with my friend who does it for me which products to buy on payday! I wouldn’t have to wait for payday with this one. Do they have the cleanser and toner too, do you know?


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