Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze tan review

Unfortunately my legs seem to have some sort of in-built tan defence so when the rest of me goes a fairly nice golden brown, my legs remain glaringly ghost white. Thus I do usually apply some sort of tan when I’m going to an event where the legs will be on show.

My lovely sister in law recommended Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze body lotion to me a few months ago and as I hate the biscuity smell that my usual St Moritz tan delivers as well as the post-application-not-leaving-the-house stage I thought I’d give it a go.

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1. Cocoa Butter Formula Natural Bronze Body Lotion – £3.79 from Boots

2. White Panama hat from H&M (no longer on sale). Similar available in the sale at ASOS.

3. Catseye sunglasses from H&M (no longer on sale). Similar available from Accessorise.


What it’s like

If you’ve used the classic Cocoa Butter before then it isn’t any different, lovely smooth consistency that spreads really well with a lovely rich cocoa butter scent. A couple of pumps will easily cover the whole leg and it absorbs completely within ten minutes.

The result

It took a full 24 hours for the colour to properly develop into a lovely light, streak-free tan that is pretty close to my natural light golden colour. I think I would do another application to deepen the colour but would be worried about using it everyday as I think with multiple applications the colour could quickly turn non-natural! My skin was beautifully soft immediately after application and I’d say this lasted until my next shower.

The smell did from the lovely cocoa butter smell to slightly biscuity but not nearly as bad as normal fake tan.

I washed my hands really well at least twice and avoided any embarrassing palm tan but this was only because the first time I used it last month I only washed them once and wasn’t particularly vigorous with the washing and ended up with the telltale palms!

At £3.79 I honestly don’t know if you could find a better self tanner. Amazing!




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