What Poppy wore – Bobbles!

Last year I managed to track down what seemed to be the only company in the UK selling fur bobble hats for babies.

“Fur bobble hats for babies? Pah, ridiculous” I hear you cry. I would have said exactly the same before I had factored in the totally off-the-chart cuteness factor!!!!! Evidence provided below…

Fur bobble hats for babies

Point proven? Still a bit ridiculous but honestly it has been such a brilliant purchase. Not only was it super warm with a touch of cashmere in the blend but also one of the only hats that Poppy would keep on.

Unfortunately that brain-filled noggin just keeps on growing and has grown out of literally every single hat we had from last Winter plus I like to switch up styles so my search for hats began. To my relief/excitement I saw on Noughts and Kisses’ Instagram feed that they were adding to their junior range with a classic earmuff style.

Earmuff fur bobble hat grey Earmuff fur bobble hat pink


The 52% wool and 48% Polyester composition means that not only is it super super soft and warm but you can also chuck it in the washing machine plus the fur bobble is detachable. There is quite a bit of stretch in the knit (I managed to comfortably get it on my head!) so I would say this hat would easily see us through another Winter after this one. Not only that, Noughts and Kisses delivery is very reasonable and amazingly fast!

Poppy seriously loves it and often randomly appears wearing it having dug it out of our hat drawer.

Childrens fur bobble hat 2

Childrens fur bobble hat 3

Childrens fur bobble hat

Childrens fur bobble hat4

Earmuff fur bobble hat in pink – Noughts and Kisses

Earmuff fur bobble hat in grey – Noughts and Kisses

Classic camel wool coat – Originally from Zara (I know!!) but I got it for about £10 from eBay last year.

Shoes – Next


    1. Somehow putting a bobble on top of a little ones hat instantly ups the cuteness factor! 😉 Love this style of your little ones, would love to follow your blog but am being completely blind and can’t see where to follow! xx


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