How my face survived the first trimester – The miracle worker

A friend of mine introduced this product to me after my particularly horrific sleep deprivation period a few months ago. Unbeknownst to her I was soon to be thrust into the prolonged exhaustion period known as ‘First trimester with a toddler’. There wasn’t a single day that passed when I felt anywhere near normal energy levels and lets face it, napping every day just isn’t a viable option for the majority of us. So sure enough, my face began to feel yucky, dull and stressed as a result (pregnancy glow, my arse!).

Thankfully I had Neal’s Yard White Tea Facial Mist in my arsenal and spritzed either on to bare skin or over makeup whenever I started to lag. It delivered a super refreshing mist that reawakened my skin, instantly brightened my complexion, soothed my eyes and face and rehydrated my skin but most importantly made me feel a bit more human again. I now carry it with me wherever I go and am a complete spritz addict! This stuff is magic!


It’s also lovely and natural relying on antioxidant white tea, calming organic aloe vera, aromatherapeutic organic essential oils and soothing Bach Flower Remedies to do the work rather than nasty Parabens, Silicones and Phthalates.

At £11.50 I think it’s a total bargain for the magic it delivers and the bottle lasts forever!


Best of Worst


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