Baby bag, the verdict

A little while ago I posted about my best baby bag find as I wanted to upgrade my totally battered and well loved Baby Beau Ellie bag.

After much deliberation and a visit to the super lovely Eat Sleep Love boutique in London to have a good old snoop at my short list of bags, I decided on the Jem + Bea Beatrice bag, currently available at, in taupe. I wanted something big enough to fit all the kit required for both toddler (still in nappies) and baby but also be stylish and feel like something that I would usually pick for myself and would be able to use post-baby. It also needed to go with everything and not be season dependant.


Proving to be the perfect holiday bag.

Has it lived up to expectations? 

Yes and more so! There is ample space for a full day’s worth of kit, so that means several full sized bottles for Felix, a change of clothes for both children, snacks and drink for Poppy, nappies for both plus two packs of wipes, toys galore, medical bag plus all my kit of purse, phone, keys etc.

It has survived our time together so far totally unscathed, even with several trips to the beach, torrential downpours, being battered by a toddler plus being manhandled by a rather un-careful husband.


Features I love

This bag has been seriously well thought out, not only is the lining fabric water resistant ( I discovered this when Poppy’s entire water bottle emptied into the bottom of the bag) but it also has these thoroughly useful features…

Jem+Bea Betrice bag
No more manic searches for keys…
Jem+Bea Betrice bag2
…or phone!
Jem+Bea Betrice bag3
Gone are the days of losing the bottle warmer or leaving it in the base of the buggy to turn into a disgusting mess. The insulated pocket is perfectly located and keeps bottles warm for hours.
Jem+Bea Betrice bag4
I love organisation! This neat changing matt pocket is big enough for the spare clothes too.

I also adore the personalisation option available on the tag. You know I’m a sucker for anything personalised 😉

It may seem like a lot of money but this is a bag that will perform it’s duties perfectly and look amazing whilst doing it, what more could you want? 🙂

The entire Jem+Bea collection is beautiful and I so so excited by the latest additions to the range in the form of the super cute and handy ‘MAMA‘ pouch in delicious tumbled calf leather with embossed gold lettering and the ‘BABA‘ pouch in wipe-clean nylon with a waterproof lining and topped off with pale yellow printed BABA lettering.


BABA - navy - £16Jem + Bea BABA pouchJem + Bea MAMA pouchMAMA - black - £45MAMA - black - open - £45






  1. Ohhhh. I want it. I have a three year old and I want it. I still haven’t been able to ‘give up’ a bag suitable for me and the little man. Carrying around a toddler bag that’s just too damn small and that gets in the way is so tiresome! I’d much rather just chuck everything in mine – but finding one big enough and organised enough is so difficult. I must check these out!! #bestandworst

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What’s so fab is it is really stylish – sometimes the bags are a bit mumsy but this looks like a designer handbag! So practical as well! Love that pic of you and the little ones. You look amazing too. Thanks for sharing this with #bestandworst x


    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comments 🙂 The bag definitely makes me feel more like myself rather than a totally mumsified version of me. Anything that helps towards retaining a tiny bit of sanity is worth every penny 😉 x


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