What the heck is Dermaroller?

What the heck is Dermaroller?
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An instrument of medieval torture or miracle cure?

Ugh, ageing is a total so and so (insert expletive) and at the moment I’m finding that children not only rob you of sanity, sleep and money but also accelerate the ageing process, the little darlings. The more I shudder when I look in the mirror the more I find I’m researching ways to stop the effects or even, pretty please, reverse some of them. I’m a bit terrified of the frozen and plumped look achieved from over-use of fillers and Botox so I guess that kind of intervention is where I’d draw the line but I’d be open to other non-permanent treatments.

One thing I found recently that sounds super effective is Dermaroller. I’m not going to lie, it looks terrifying, but if it can even cure scarring then maybe it’s worth a look?

So, here’s the gen on Dermaroller and how to use it

It can have an effect on mild wrinkles, scar reduction and generally healthier looking skin, it can even help with hair loss and acne.  But, correct usage is essential to achieve the best results.


As with any treatments, the first step is to start with clean skin.  A gentle wash of the area to be treated will prepare the skin by removing germs to prevent infections.  This is especially important in the facial area where there may be remnants of makeup on the skin’s surface.  Do a brief inspection of your skin to make certain there are no cuts,  infections, or breakouts as you will need to wait until they are healed before proceeding.

Step two involves making sure everything is clean and sterilized.  If you are using your own Dermaroller at home, you will need to follow a strict regime of disinfecting the roller, the space where you are doing the procedure, and your hands.  The roller needs to be sanitized before each use.  Clean the surface area of the sink or table in the immediate area where you are doing this.  Gather whatever products you will be using with the roller, such as moisturizers and any vitamin infused lotions or collagen induction creams.  Then thoroughly wash your hands with soap, using antibacterial soap if possible.

If you are seeking treatment at a professional clinic, you don’t have to worry about step two of preparations.  They will already have cleaned and sterilized the room.

At Home Use

To properly use the Dermaroller, you will need to apply gentle pressure as you roll it across the skin.  Do not press hard or you may draw blood and it will also be painful.  There are four directions to roll in – up and down, left to right, diagonally from left down to the right, and diagonally from right down to the left.  This method allows for complete coverage of the skin.  Be extremely careful not to touch the eyes or eyelids.

Immediately after using the roller, apply any creams meant to enhance the treatment, especially collagen induction creams.  The Dermaroller opens up micro channels in your skin to encourage collagen and elastin production.  Whatever creams you apply will be easily absorbed at that time. Those channels close within two hours after application, which is why you need to apply the creams right away.

Going to a Professional

When you think of a professional clinic, you are probably envisioning plastic surgery or laser surgery, but they offer other services as well, including microneedling.  You may wonder why you should pay to go to a clinic when you can do the procedure at home.  The truth is that you can’t do it at home as well as a clinic, at least, not if your skin condition is moderate to severe.  The technicians in a clinic are trained to understand all aspects of the treatments they provide.  The microneedling devices for home use are designed to provide mild treatments where as professional devices can provide a stronger application.

After Treatment

It is not uncommon for mild reddening of the skin immediately after treatment.  While it generally clears up within an hour, some people have experienced it lasting for a day or two.  Otherwise, there should be no other side effects.

Try to avoid overexposure to the sun, toxic environments, and smoking after treatment as each of these cause further harm to your skin.  Eating healthy is always a wise choice, regardless of whether you had a treatment or not.

Be patient as it may take months to see the full results of the Dermaroller, since the body continues collagen and elastin production long after treatment.

So, what’s your verdict? Should I try?


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