Tractor extravaganza

Tractor extravaganza

I wanted to share this as it’s so rare to get anything for free nowadays, especially from big brands, so this is a big old thank you, John Deere, you did good.

We’re lucky enough to live near the UK HQ of mega tractor firm John Deere. This year is their 50th year of being in the UK and to celebrate they threw the mother of all tractor fests.

The moment I saw the humungous marquee being erected in John Deere yellow and green  I knew it was not to be missed.

We took our little tractor-obsessed girl (as well as my tractor-obsessed big boy!) along and were in for a serious treat. Every model of John Deere that you could possibly imagine, tractor rides, fair ground rides, Pork pie-making presentations, dance troupes, birds of prey, synchronised kite flying, ploughing displays, as well as amazing children’s activities and all for free!

Here’s a little photo run-down of the event albeit a fraction of what was on offer.

Admiring the epic tractor form.
Believe it or not, there was intense parental jostling to win the position of riding shotgun with Poppy in the tractors.
Let’s just say Daddy wasn’t a happy bunny 😉


Free face painting by incredibly talented and patient artists
Trying her hardest to keep her cool.
Those brows are just too much! This girl can seriously give Cara a run for her money. JEALOUS!
The children thought this display was udderly brilliant. Sorry, I’ll stop milking it for all it’s worth.
An udderly fantastic experience. I know I know, you’ve herd enough. Ok fine, I’ll mooove on.
The eagle-eyed amongst you will spot some incredible birds of prey. OK fine, I’ll stop now.
Felix hanging with Granny.
Poor aunt being dragged literally EVERYWHERE.
Tractors as far as the eye could see. Literally. I’ve never seen so many tractors.
“Mummy, this one isn’t big enough”
The tractor of toddler dreams.
Aaaand right at the end…Felix woke up.

We left with a lovely warm feeling inside and a very tired toddler. Thank you again John Deere 🙂



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  1. November 1, 2016 / 8:58 pm

    This looks like so much fun! my daughter would love this. Thanks for sharing #twinklytuesday

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