Umm, everyone's looking at my feet! {outfit details}

Umm, everyone's looking at my feet! {outfit details}

Since I dug out these little things whilst having a huge clear out a couple of weeks ago I have had compliment after compliment about them. Problem is, I bought them roughly 15 years ago from J Crew when visiting my sister in America which isn’t the least bit helpful when people ask where they’re from!

J Crew pink suede loafersBeing the caring sharing kind of person I am, but mostly because I’m an enabler, I thought I’d find some similar offerings a little closer to home. Thankfully the loafers/slippers trend shows no sign of waining so there are tonnes of options out there.

Dune black granite pink slip on loafers

These Dune suede loafers are pretty much the closest to the original colour that I could find.

Hobbs Pippa tassel loafer

Pretty sure these Hobbs Pippa suede tassel loafers would go with EVERYTHING!

Office retro tassel loafers

Love the colour of these Office Retro Tassel loafers. I might even be inclined to swap the tassels for a small piece of velvet ribbon like mine.

Dorothy Perkins Lisbon bow loafers

Well aren’t these Dorothy Perkins Lisbon loafers just adorable!

Aldo Cherryhill leather loafers

Love the clean lines of these Aldo Cherryhill leather loafers.

Office Destiny Trim suede loafers

Office have sooooo many loafers options and these Office Destiny Trim loafers come in loads of colour too.

Dune Black Globe suede loafers

Great versatile colour of these Dune Black Globe suede loafers.

Hobbs Philippa loafer

A bit more formal but I love them! Hobbs Philippa leather loafers.

Mrs Alic for French Sole Unicorn slipeers

Hands down my faves. All the heart eyes for these Mrs Alice for French Sole velvet unicorn slippers.

Love the changeable tassels on the French Sole leather slippers.


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