Wedding edit – outfit no.1

I know I promised to get this up last night but, well, Love Island has a lot to answer for. Namely reducing my post-supper productivity by 90%. It’s just so darn addictive! Can I just say, how brutal was last night’s episode?!!!!!!! Also, secretly hoping that Muggy Mike gets voted back in to cause a bit of trouble between Olivia and Chris. He is way too good for her…just saying!

So, to the job in hand!

The Dress

Summer wedding outfit2 Frilly Pretty Things
This is my beaut of a sister-in-law who did an amazing job as maid of honour. I managed to get hardly any photos of me during the day and didn’t get a single one with Oliver so my stand-in will have to do. At least we’re colour coordinated!

I don’t think I’ve ever felt as confident in an outfit or had as many compliments about each of the components. Seriously, people I didn’t even know were stopping me and saying “I just have to say your dress is absolutely stunning”.

The heavy beading on the fabric meant that it skimmed over all the lumps and bumps and post-baby tum. Even though it was midi length which meant none of my wayward children could lift it up or hide under it (an intentional decision!), it had a slit at the back so I felt slinky enough but could actually walk. Minor details but a plus all the same πŸ˜‰

It was seriously the most comfortable event dress I have ever worn.

The beading made it seem waaaay more expensive than it was. Not one person could believe it was from, wait for it, Asos! Their Red Carpet range has some gems and great value for the level or workmanship.

The absolute best bit – IT’S CURRENTLY ON SALE!!!! But stock is ridiculously low so be quick.

There’s a similar one that’s also in the Red Carpet range and also in the sale here. Or this one in a similar colour.

The hat

I love wearing a hat and will happily wear one to a wedding when I know no one else is. They add such grandeur to an occasion and an outfit!

Summer wedding outfit3

Being a whole foot shorter than my husband and his family all sharing the height gene I thought I’d go for something a little more dramatic than I’d normally go for to give me the illusion of extra height. I scoured the internet for light grey hats and they are pretty few and far between so my options were fairly limited without going too crazy on budget. This one is from John Lewis and was actually an alternative to one I’d seen in the shop but had sold out before I could buy it. I much prefer this one though so it must have been fate.

Now this one too has sold out, meh, but during my hat search I found Cogg Millinery who makes the most amazing hats and sells through Etsy. They are really well priced too. I have my eye on one of her designs for an event later in the summer.

Summer wedding outfit


Earrings – I went for a classic pearl and diamond (well almost) design from Auree. I’ve worn them so many times already, a real go-with-everything earring. Get 10% off your first order by signing up to their email list!

Shoes – Ugh, well, I thought these were a total bargain and comfortable but I was so so so so wrong. By the time I’d walked to the Church (5 mins walk) I had red raw patches on my ankles. Massive ouch. By the end of the evening I was covered in all manor of plasters and am still recovering from the battle scars. If anyone is interested in what to avoid then they were from Oasis. I won’t be buying shoes from them ever again.

Makeup – I have to admit that this was not my handiwork. I just couldn’t bear looking at photos in my parent’s-in-law’s house for a lifetime if my makeup had melted down my face or fallen off altogether after an hour. So called in the professionals. My amazing and hugely talented wedding makeup artist Ali Gunn was booked so I went with another highly recommended lady, Rachel Lewan. She was a total delight and really listened to my brief and changed anything I wasn’t completely comfortable with along the way. The makeup lasted all night without the need for any touch ups. Just wish I could have my makeup done for every event now!

Rachel Lewan Makeup

Hair – I also admit that I had help in this department. Don’t look at me like that! I knew I would have no chance of doing my hair successfully with two little ones running around in the morning so Pops and I headed off to the salon in the village for a little r&r. It was so much fun and my hair lasted from 10am until 2am. Major success.



  1. Oh I love love love the dress…and hat! I’m a hat girl too, I’m tod they suit me and any excuse to wear one is grabbed with both hands! V jealous as we have no weddings this year to have a decent excuse to shop for…

    Thanks so much for swinging by to #coolmumclub! xx


  2. Also had a thousand comments about how gorgeous my ‘sister’ looks! To which I politely remind them you are my sister in law.
    To which they look bedazzled.
    What can I say

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Franny you looked stunning!! xx I loved the whole outfit a real eye-catcher!! xx So lovely to be able to dress up and wear a hat!! xx Catch up again soon xx


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