5 Tools for keeping busy mums on track

5 Tools for keeping busy mums on track

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No matter what your life circumstances are, managing bringing up children with the rest of the demands that life places on you is incredibly difficult. While it’s still easier than it might have been years ago, there’s still a lot of development society as a whole needs to go through to make life simpler for everyone.

Thankfully, some of the needs of Mums are being catered to by advances in technology. Smartphones have changed the way we see the world and, more importantly, how we organise our little corner of it. Given that apps give a smartphone life, it’s worth considering which ones are essential for a Mum who is juggling all kinds of different issues – so what would the top choices be?


The AroundMe app is the perfect way to find local amenities close to wherever you are at that point in time. It’s database is constantly being updated, so you should find the information relatively up-to-date. It’s perfect for day trips, or for when you find yourself in an unfamiliar area and just need to find a cashpoint as quickly as possible – a few taps and you’ll be right where you need to be. It’s available for both Android and iPhone and is free to download.

Money Dashboard

Managing finances is tough enough with the constant distractions that are children, let alone when you throw in other factors like disability, it can feel like a full-time job in and of itself. Money Dashboard seeks to bring all of your financial affairs into one central app, so there’s no worrying about switching screens or remembering a variety of different passwords. It’s available for both Android and iPhone and is free to download.

Safe Kids

Sometimes parents are in need of a distraction, and the Safe Kids app is the perfect way to feel comfortable about handing your phone over to your child – without having to worry about what they’ll get up to. There’s plenty of items to help you as a Mum too, from audiobooks to games. It’s free to download, comes with NSPCC approval, and what’s more it’s not stuffed with ads.

Microsoft Reminders

If you have an Outlook account, then take advantage of their reminders. You can set reminders that will ping a notice on your computer, as well as send you an email to remind you of something you need to do. It can take awhile to get everything set up the way you would prefer, but it’s a perfect way of keeping track of a to-do list without having to wonder where you put the to-do list itself.

Stress Management via YouTube

Finally, any busy Mum rarely has the time to go through an entire yoga or stress-reduction route – so why not keep it short and simple? There are plenty of destressing routines you can go through on YouTube, making the most of any five minutes you get to yourself.

What are your essential tools for busy Mums?

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