Autumn styles. Yeah, we got it covered.

Autumn styles. Yeah, we got it covered.

*This is a collaborative post*

It’s just so gosh darn sad. I’m not ready! I only just bought a new swimsuit for crying out loud. I’m not ready for Summer to retreat into dark nights and chilblains 😩 I’m not ready to let go of the vibrant colours and the lovely light materials.

Ok, I do have to admit that I’m cold blooded so I feel the cold all the freaking time so I do love to be snuggled up in a cosy knit and you will find me with a blanket over my knee whilst watching tv on the hottest of evenings. Whaaaat? I just like being snug OK?!

I have got my eye on a few great trends that are following us in to the colder months so there will be some brilliant options to see us through. The same can be said for autumn, even if it is slightly colder outside than it was a few weeks ago, the red and brown colours of this season are so romantic and open the door to some great styles which suit autumnal vibes perfectly. Here are some tips to get the Autumn/Winter vibe nailed.

This classic is a classic for a reason!

The jeans and jumper combo. There are already some great light-weight knits on the highstreet and some lovely light fitted tops. My absolute fave at the moment is this gem of an M&S cashmere star jumper. It’s a ringer for the Chinti & Parker Star range but a fraction of the price. Plus, M&S cashmere is sooooo soft. Have I mentioned it’s my birthday coming up???


I’m loving reds as a transition colour at the moment, it seems to be everywhere and not showing any signs of disappearing soon so this knit is spot on.

Dresses are in.

I’ve been massively crushing on Does My Bum Look 40‘s style recently, especially her ability to wear maxi dresses day in day out. I’ll be nabbing her maxi + ankle boots/trainers + leather/suede jacket style for Autumn then popping some tights on and jumper under the jacket to take me through to Winter. I’ve found this Oz brand The Iconic that have some great long dress options so I won’t be waving goodbye to my frilly dresses just yet.

I’ll be mostly reminding myself not to take my usual boring route just because I want to be warm, and I really like being warm. Thankfully, there will be plenty of indoor occasions and nights out at venues that have much better heating than my house; I’m hoping to get plenty of Autumn wear out of my bargain H&M top featured in other articles with ankle boots, a suede jacket and maybe a maxi skirt a la Does My Bum Look 40.

Look into your own wardrobe.


Uh, I’m so guilty of this.

I am totally one of those people that frequently says “oh, I forgot I had this” which is greeted by eyerolls from the husband 😒😜 But I need every single item of clothing I have ever bought, just in case it comes back into fashion! And I need new clothes to wear until the old ones come back into fashion. Which is totally and completely logical. Therefore, I just need to buy/build a bigger wardrobe with a much better filing system.

Logic also suggests that I’ve survived autumn and the colder months in the past with positive aplomb, so decluttering my wardrobe might just bring some of those old outfits to light. I actually did (a small part) of this the other day and found some total gems that I genuinely had forgotten about so maybe this is the start of a new leaf? Watch this space, hopefully there will be a wardrobe of organisational dreams emerging soon. 


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  1. September 5, 2017 / 10:10 pm

    I have been eyeing up that jumper from M&S for weeks- it’s stunning!! x

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