Bikini brilliance

Bikini brilliance

It’s taken me a really really really long time since having children to accept my figure and be ok with wearing bikinis again. When I finally became brave enough to wear one again (in the back garden) I discovered that my stash of old bikinis were completely the wrong size and made me feel so uncomfortable. The styles that I used to wear just accentuated the areas that have changed the most, “Hello” spaniels ears and mum tum 🙈, so I thought I’d treat myself to a couple of new bikinis. Not being sure how much I’d actually be ok with wearing them in front of actual people rather than my children and husband I didn’t want to commit to spending a fortune and found this one on H&M.

hm lace back bikini

I completely love it and adore the lace back and inserts on the bikini bottoms. I got the non-wired one which has a little bit of support in the insert things and it it so so comfortable.

I’m not quite at the stage where I am ready to offend your eyes with a bikini shot (hallelujah I hear you cry) but you can see the beaut of the lace back in the pic above.

It comes in non-wired and push-up style which are both in the sale starting from £6.99!!!!!!! A total bargain!!! Bottoms are also in the sale and are £3.49. I mean seriously, that’s better than Primark prices!

I would recommend sizing up as I got a size 8 and didn’t feel like there was much room to breath.

Now, if I can manage to get off my lazy- ass to workout and get a modicum of pertness to the flat-as-as-pancake bum then this bikini of dreams from Kamba swimwear might make it into my garden sunbathing sessions 👙 👌🏼


Kamba swimwear Lula bikini

Kamba swimwear lula rosso



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