Brilliant Thames boating weekend

Brilliant Thames boating weekend

There’s something about being near the water that is instantly calming and the slow pace of the river boats makes a weekend feel like a week.

Pure bliss.


We managed to capture what seems like the last of the Summer’s heat whilst pootling along the Thames recently on Oliver’s family’s boat. We decided to just take Poppy as, well, quite frankly, Felix would have been a health and safety nightmare and quite possibly would have spent the entire time tethered below deck or being fished out of the water.

The last time Pops was on board was an entire year ago and she was somewhat less able/inclined to take instruction. Consequently we had to keep the covers on just to keep her safe and tie her cabin door shut to keep her contained at night. Yeah, that was as stressful as you are imagining (we also had Felix on board who was 3 months old 😱. I mean, why do we do it to ourselves?).Poppy boating

This time she was a total dream and actually quite useful as a deckhand. Holding ropes when required and finding essential equipment so that we could moor on riverbanks. She listened intently, understood the dangers and was fascinated with the mechanics of the locks. But who isn’t?! They still fascinate me!

Starting out from Windsor Marina, we headed to Maidenhead and after a long journey and restless night we decided we rather deserved a delicious brunch so moored at the fabulous Boulter’s Brasserie. The view, staff and food are great plus if arriving by boat, they have a private pontoon with direct access to the restaurant.


Boating outfit 4Their eggs Royale and porridge were delicious.

One of the many things that we adore about this stretch of River is there is always so much to see, and this weekend was no exception. Bath-races at Hurley Regatta, yes I mean racing in actual baths, 80s festival at Henley and parties galore on the riverbanks.

But we had the best party onboard 😄

For the rest of the journey the sun shone and the food and drink flowed and my new skipper kept us on course brilliantly. Bliss bliss bliss.  ☀️ 🚤

Boating outfit 2Boating outfit 7

Arriving at our evening destination of Henley-on-Thames we moored up and headed off to find the park which was rumoured to be epic. And epic it was! Pops had been a superstar all day but my goodness she needed to run and let off some steam.

For anyone considering a visit, there are several contained segments to the park providing for the requirements of different age groups. One area has a zipwire!! I know!!

Wandering on to find a food destination we discovered Cau, an Argentine steak restaurant that serves spot-on cocktails and are very child friendly.


The next day we pootled over to Marlow for some lunch, bouncing and shopping then mosied back to Windsor with a snoozing Pops whilst we savoured every last moment of the weekend.

Marlow bouncy castleThames motorboatingThames boating




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