Birthday wishlist {2017}

Birthday wishlist {2017}

It’s taken me weeks to compile this list because, believe it or not, I never really know what I want for my Birthday and genuinely much prefer a surprise. But alas, after being with my husband for 13 years I have learnt that if I don’t tell him exactly what I want, I will invariably end up with something that was panic-bought. Sorry Ol 🙊

You have two weeks Mr T! NO EXCUSES!!!!!!

1. and 2. Autumn themed jewellery

I am a real jewellery fiend so my wishlists will always tend to be biased that way. I seriously don’t think I will ever reach the point where I don’t need any more pieces! This year I am still loving gold and adoring the Autumnal vibes of these necklaces from Alex Monroe and Tarra Rosenbaum. I love that a little note can be hidden in the acorn 🌰.

3. Fraser & Parsley leather-bound diary

This diary has been on my mind since Fraser & Parsley started talking about the idea months and months ago. I love that it folds completely flat and just look at that gold embossing! Can anyone see an oak/acorn theme developing in this list? FYI, blush is most definitely my colour 😜.


4. Babyliss Wave Wand

Have you ever seen Lauren from Hunter & Heels? Her hair is always styled in the most perfect waves and this is what she uses to get those glossy, bouncy tresses. Now, as I struggle to brush my hair some days, I’m not sure the results will be the same with me but I so so want to give it a try!

Babyliss boutique waves wand

5. Chanel’s new Gabrielle fragrance

Now I feel a bit like I’m cheating on my usual fragrance love that is Jo Malone but I caught a whiff of this at the weekend and it is seriously beautiful.



6. Hammam towels

I know it’s totally fricking freezing at the moment but I’d love to take one of these on our Ibiza jaunt. Just love the colour of this one from Trouva and love that these ones from Initially London can be personalised. You know I love a bit of personalisation!


7. Dermalogica facial

I have actually never had a facial. As in, never ever! My usual beauty lady (who is amazing) is rumoured to do the most incredible Dermalogica facials and I’d so so love to revive this tired face.


8. Makeup brush set

I’m not really a makeup person which probably won’t come as a surprise to you if you saw my Instagram Stories the other day (if you didn’t then you definitely need to follow me!). I’m a 5 minutes max application or no makeup person but I really do want to know more about correct application and how to get the best out of my products as love buying them but don’t really know how to use them 🙈. This goes hand in hand with realising that I’ve had the same makeup brushes for roughly 10 years and they are now pretty gross. In fact, I gave them a (very rare) wash the other day and one of them actually started leaking black stuff which should give you an idea of the condition they’re in.



9. Makeup lesson!

This lovely lady did my wedding day makeup and just happens to do makeup lessons! Now my skin is getting older it feels like it finally might be the right time for me to actually know what I’m doing with makeup!



10. New ‘Mum’ trainers

My old faithful Adidas trainers have seen better days after being worn almost every day since I bought them 1.5 yrs ago. I seriously love these blush suede kicks from Mint Velvet and these gold star detail trainers from Hush which are a great nod to the beautiful YSL trainers.



My trusty Boden velvet slippers are seriously threadbare now but still I battle on and wear them every day. I know, serious first world problem 🙈. Weirdly, Boden don’t seem to do adult slippers anymore (not that I can find) but they do girls slippers that go up to my size!! Woohoo! Also, spotted these beautiful White Company slippers in store a few weeks ago. They are so incredibly luxurious!

12. Boodles diamond necklace

Stop it. A girl can dream eh?

I tried this beautiful piece on at Salon Prive and oh my days, it is just so incredibly stunning. The craftsmanship is just exquisite.



13. Photo albums

I have a weird OCD thing with page layouts; must be a hangup from my days in the Graphic design industry. Consequently putting together a photo book takes me weeks then I inevitably lose interest and never end up getting the darn things printed out. I so need to get back into making albums and I think the only way for me to do this is to print out photos and actually stick them into an album to treasure. I realise how much of an old fart I am.

The albums in the pic below are from Aspinal of London which are extortionate so I’m sure good old Boots ones will do me fine 😄.

Aspinal photo albums.png


14. Clean car

Genuinely, the thought of going to the car wash with two children, a boot full of pushchairs and two car seats that need removing is all a bit much. Consequently the interior of my car resembles a petri dish/toxic waste dump. What I would absolutely love would be for my wonderful, kind, generous husband to just take it and children off without any prompting and return with a gleaming version of my sh*t heap. Day totally made! 🚙🌟Car wash.jpg

15. David Austin The Rose book

I have this thing with roses….especially David Austin roses. When friends come and visit I actually give them a tour of the roses. I am an actual rose bore. But I love them sooooooo much!!!

David Austin The Rose book.png

16. Gardening caddy

Oh my days, I am seriously uncool 🙈 Not going to lie though, this kind of thing really does excite me! 😆

Gardening caddy

Food for thought?


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