Skirts to live in this summer

Skirts to live in this summer

Not sure if it’s my age…actually, I know it’s not, I’ve always had a penchant for skirts and for me it has always been the longer the better! But running around after children and walking up and down stairs successfully kind of rules out the maxi for every day.

Skirts offer an easy way of nipping in the waist and skimming over the bits we don’t want to highlight whilst also offering brilliant versatility of being able to dress them up or down with a top change and heels or t-shirt and trainers.

I think you might already be aware that I have a real dislike of trousers at the moment. I feel constrained in them, frustrated that it has become my default uniform for looking after children so at any opportunity I will gladly don a dress or skirt as an alternative. But let’s be honest, cold ankles are no fun. So I tend to keep my skirt wearing for the warmer months.

There are so many skirt options available on the high street right now which I’m obviously overjoyed about. My favourite length for practicality is midi. No risk of flashing anything, tripping over it as you run up stairs to retrieve the nappies before running out the door for the day, and finishing just below the knee at the most flattering part of your leg.

My picks

I picked my one up from J.Crew in the Winter sale but have found some great similar ones as well as some of my favourite alternatives.

Now, on a slightly different not, I’ve seen a tonne of them and some that I love the design of, but I’m just not into really elasticated waist skirts because, I might be wrong but, I just cannot make them look flattering. Thoughts? They gather up around the tummy and hips which is one of the areas I don’t want to highlight. This skirt is a perfect case in point. What do you think? I prefer a button up or zip that gives a smooth line over the tum so that’s what I’ve hunted out, with the exception og the Warehouse skirt below that is elasticated but not TOO elasticated if that makes sense? 🙈





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