Major dress envy – SALE alert!*

Major dress envy – SALE alert!*

I was going to include details of this dress in another post about our recent trip to Burghley but it just wouldn’t have done this stunning dress justice so thought it should have it’s very own post.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of clothing that errs on the side of traditional for both boys and girls. I love the fact that Poppy is wearing dresses that I or even my Mother wore when we were little. Call it timeless, traditional, classic, whatever label it falls under, I just adore everything about the style of clothing but most of all, the quality.

Yep, that’s my dear Mama wearing a dress that Poppy has worn all summer long. That’s also her twin brother on the right, can you see a bit of a resemblance to Felix??

The same dress circa 150 years later (sorry Mama 😜) and three generations of wear and still going strong.

I’m hoping I’ll have a collection of dresses that I’ll be able to pass on to Poppy and Felix’s children and hopefully this beautiful La Coqueta dress will be one of them.



Incorporating all the style details I adore; collar, dainty print and the prettiest intricate smocking with beautiful use of colour as well as phenomenal quality. The cotton is quite thick and is fully lined so can be worn through the winter as well.

La Coqueta items are certainly not inexpensive but this one is currently in the sale at £39 which I think is fair for the quality and finish. Plus Poppy will get a good couple of year’s worth of wear out of it.

She’s wearing a size 6y and usually wears age 5years in dresses. You can see the length better in the video and photo further down the post.

What is smocking?

I’ve been on a rabbit hole of research all about La Coqueta and what they’re all about. Whilst delving through the website I found this fascinating info about the purpose of smocking in the Middle Ages.

‘Smocking is a traditional technique used to gather fabric so that is can stretch. Before elastic, smocking was commonly used for cuffs, bodices and necklines in garments where buttons were undesirable. Smocking is a sewing technique that has been practised since the Middle Ages and although originally it was only worn by labourers, it is now a highly sought after design feature and one of the reasons customers come to La Coqueta.’

‘All of our smocks are handmade in Spain by small groups of women who have set up their own atelier and who have learnt their skills and technique from the generations of women before them. Many feel a sense of duty to pass their knowledge down to the next generation and ensure that their traditions and techniques aren’t lost through the passing of time. In our factories it is not uncommon to see whole families of women sharing that same passion.’

My granny made the dress in the top photo and hand smocked all of my Mother’s dresses. I can’t imagine the concentration and time it would have taken to do each one with small children to entertain/keep alive as well!

Unfortunately the skill wasn’t passed down and so I love the idea of groups of women honing a skill and passing it down to the next generation.

Here are my sale wish list items…

Alheli girl dress – Was £69.00, now £39.00.

Angelica smock dress – Was £82.00, now £49.00.

Adelfa dress – Was £78.00, now £54.60.

Estrellada dress – Was £69.00, Now £39.00.

Acerola shirt – Was £44.00, now £26.00.

Anisa shirt – Was £44.00, now £26.00.

Avarca sandals – Were £39.00, now £26.00. Other colours available.

Canvas plimsolls – Were £24.0, now £16.80. Other colours available.

Mary Janes – Were £48.00, now £33.60. Other colours available.


*We were given this dress for the purpose of creating a blog post however it was entirely my decision to share my opinion of the dress. These words and opinion are entirely my own.



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