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Pretty Little Thing swimwear

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I’ll be honest, when I first looked at the swimwear section of I chortled and thought to myself that I could never wear any of the hundreds of pieces that I was scrolling through. I mean, the cuts are a little more revealing than I’d usually plump for, but the more I scrolled the more I changed my opinion.

First things first, I want to applaud PLT for having real, unairbrushed women modelling. Yeah sure they’re made up to the nines and I’m pretty sure there’s the odd filler going on but they have hips and actual stretch marks visible! What a breath of fresh air.

I loved the prints and colours too, admittedly some are definitely not my style but some absolutely are and at £20 for a swimsuit, I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try.

Lets just revisit that, £20 for a swimsuit is just bonkers! That’s better than Primark prices!

Naturally I was a tad sceptical about the quality and this is where I was really surprised. The pieces feel thick and secure.

Hands down this black and white lizard print elasticated waist swimsuit is my favorite from the items I selected. The elasticated belt is incredibly flattering and the print is exactly the right size to add interest but not take over. Size-wise, I’d size up one size especially if you’re bigger-boobed than me. Fit-wise, It’s cut a tad higher and a tad lower than I’d ordinarily go for but I felt really comfortable and confident in it. I seriously love this swimsuit!

I spotted this print and instantly loved the soft pink and cute cactus. It’s listed as petite but I’ve risked it as the details say that the model is 5’4″. The risk paid off as it fits really well. This one is lined so no risk of post-swim flashing 🙊 thank goodness!

This one is a different fabric and slightly more loose in fit so I’d recommend sticking to your size. The fabric is less sucky-inny (if you know what I mean) than the one above so it feels less supportive but sooo incredibly comfortable.

Seriously though, how cute is this print? 🌵💗

Last but not least, is this beaut of a beach cover-up co-ord. 100% cotton and a great length and fit; I can see this being a staple throughout the warmer months.

Pretty Little Thing White beach cover up

Now I just need a glamorous and scorching hot destination to show them all off. Anyone got room in their suitcase for me? ☀️🌊🚤🌅 🍹


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