How to update your rooms during a lockdown

How to update your rooms during a lockdown

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Ok, let’s address the elephant in the room, pretty much every person who reads this at the time of posting, will either be in lockdown or social distancing. Crazy time and quite honestly a massive sh***er. So how on earth can you update your home without leaving the house and without having anyone come into your home, especially with adding something like wallpaper? It’s a conundrum!! Thankfully one that Photowall have solved.

I know what you’re thinking, it’s way too hard to tackle without a professional, because I was thinking it too. But really, after tackling it, I can honestly say that anyone can do it if you’ve got the right kit, all of which is available when you place an order with Photowall.

They have a huge range of artist-created and designer wallpapers, posters, prints and canvasses. From classic to contemporary, they have all the best designs plus you can upload your own images/designs to print too!  I found their inspiration section and Instagram account really useful when I was choosing our wall coverings. We chose the Cradled in Clouds premium wallpaper and the Whale and Ship premium wall mural.

This is how we transformed the below boring and bland rooms using the two products.



Photowall clouds before.jpeg
The playroom ‘Before’. Think you’ll agree it was a non-imaginative disaster zone 🙈



Photowall wallpaper.jpg
The aim was to create a whimsical space that would allow imaginations to run wild whilst also being a comforting and calming space. What do you think?

We used the Cradled in Clouds premium wallpaper.

Wall mural


Photowall before.jpg
Felix’s bedroom ‘Before’. I’ve always loved this room but it definitely lacked character and the kind of fun that a 3yr old’s bedroom should have.


Photowall wall mural whale.jpeg
If Felix’s reaction was anything to go by, the addition of Wally the whale has been a huge success. The rest of the room has nautical and exploration touches throughout so it feels like the perfect addition.

We used the Whale and Ship premium paper.

Both the Clouds and the Whale are available in other colour variations.

Step by step guide on how to hang your wallpaper


Measure the area you want to cover at several points and take the largest measurement, then add 100mm. The website says to add 20-50mm and if you’re in a new build house that should be enough but we found with the wall mural we should have added more to compensate for old-house ceiling height changes and wonky floors 🙈 .

Expert tip: To measure the area in a really wonky floors/ceilings room, draw a level horizontal line and measure at several points above and below to see how much the measurement changes. If there are differences in measurements then take the largest measurements above and below and add those together. This will allow for the variations.


Wall prep time. Make sure the surface is smooth and clean and if you’re going over a bright colour, prime the area with a coat of white paint. But otherwise, kick back, pick out your finest diy clothes and wait for mr delivery man. Also, I found it really helpful to have a table to work off. If you haven’t got one you can easily move around then Amazon have some great trestle tables available on quick delivery. God bless Amazon Prime!!!

Mark out

When your package arrives check the rolls to make sure all the panels are present and correct.

If you’re hanging a mural then measure and mark out a level line to line your first panel up with.

Photowall prep.jpgPhotowall measure and check level.jpg

Trim and check

Trim the ends of your first panel and check where you want the top of your mural to start.

Photowall prep 2.jpg

Photowall prep 3.jpg

Expert tip: Don’t forget the wonky room factor! If you’re hanging in an old house, make sure you hang your panels allowing for the adjustment in wonkiness.

Get pasting

Once you’ve mixed your paste, apply the paste directly to the wall using a roller or paint brush. We found a roller was easiest for even coverage. Make sure you have a good amount of paste on the wall but if it’s dripping then you’ve got too much on 😆 After applying, wait a few minutes then…

Hang your wallpaper!

Ok, deep breath.

We found that loosely folding the paper into thirds in a concertina helped to keep the paper under control when manoeuvring. If you have an extra pair of hands available then ask them to keep the bottom of the paper away from the wall whilst you line up and stick the top. Once you’re happy with the position of the top then release the bottom, line up stick.

Now smooth down your panel from top to bottom and out towards the edges. If any paste ends up on the front of the panels, gently wipe off with a damp cloth.

If you have any larger air bubbles then don’t be afraid to peel the paper back and smooth it out again.

Expert tip: Wallpapering around corners requires a slightly different approach. We found this video particularly helpful. It’s quite long but make sure you watch it all the way through. Following this will make a huge difference to the final finish of your wallpaper.


Once all the panels are in place, trim the top and bottom with a scalpel knife and either a trim guide or something similar. We used a filling knife and it did the job perfectly. Make sure the knife you use is super sharp so that it doesn’t snag the paper.

Photowall application.jpg

Don’t worry about any colour variation you might see at this point, that’s down to the panels absorbing the moisture from the paste. After 24hrs this should disappear.


Photowall wall mural.jpg

Ta dah

Photowall wallpaper.jpg

Photowall how to wallpaper.jpgPhotowall wallpaper detail.jpg

Don’t forget to use code: frillyprettythings2020 to get 25% off your order. There’s also free shipping at the moment!!! Wahoo!!!

They also have supply, framed prints, canvases and posters.



  1. Katharine Bacon
    March 30, 2020 / 4:47 pm

    Brilliant! You’re so clever!

    • frannythompson
      March 30, 2020 / 4:49 pm

      we’re very proud of our new wallpapering skills

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