Protest: The swimwear brand we should all know about

Protest: The swimwear brand we should all know about

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It’s rare to find a really really ruddy good brand that isn’t astronomically expensive, especially where swimwear is concerned. But I think I might have just found one. Protest swimwear is designed around surf boarders so its designed meticulously for comfort and durability. Attributes I can absolutely vouch for.

I road tested the Sundaze swimsuit after falling head over heels for the cut, styling and colours. It absolutely lived up to expectations:

I was so happy to read that all of their women’s and children’s swimwear is now PFC-free, they’re also striving to create a range that is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. GO Protest swimwear!!!!💪🏻 Let’s have more of companies like you in the world!!

The Sundaze swimsuit is the so incredibly soft and comfortable to wear and I love that it has adjustable straps.

Protest sportswear swimwear

Hope you like my attempt to create a tropical paradise on our patio during lockdown 😜


I was very kindly gifted this swimsuit but I did also purchase a bikini from Protest at the same time. As with the Sundaze swimsuit, the bikini was designed to keep everything in the right place whilst boarding which translates incredibly well to running around after children 😆 I didn’t have to worry about readjusting anything or anything toppling out even during the most extreme garden sprinkler games and bug hunts 😂

Love that there are cup size options in the push up bikini section of the website. Also love that there’s a style recommendation for each body type when you clock on each bikini.

Screenshot 2020-04-28 at 21.33.47

In their triangle bikini section the have varying levels of support to suit every size and shape.

Once again, Protest, I salute you. Anything that makes choosing swimwear less agonisingly confusing is an absolute winner.

My other swimsuit picks are:

Protest onesidee swimsuit

The Oneside is just SO stylish!! Think this is going to be my next purchase 🖤🤍

Protest Witney swimsuit

Just adore the print and colours of the Witney 😍 plus the delicate waist tie making it oh so flattering and feminine.

Protest swimwear swimsuit

They also have a great range of men’s swimwear too. I LOVE the colours and subtle prints.


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